Innis & Gunn Prepares to Enter the U.S.

Since 2005 Canadian’s have been treated to the delicious flavor and unique character that is the Innis & Gunn. Canada has become such a prominent buyer of the Oak Aged beer that Innis even began making a limited Edition version for Canada Day known as the Canadian Cask. Every time I introduce someone to real beer, the Innis & Gunn Original usually comes in as my first or second recommendation.

But when I venture to the U.S. I am always shocked that extremely few people have tried, or have even heard of the Innis. Until now, Innis & Gunn has been largely vacant from the U.S. Craft Beer scene.

After much work and dedicated effort though, Innis & Gunn has established a subsidiary company in New York to import their product from the UK.  

Last week, after announcing record sales for the first three months of 2010 up 21% from 2009, Innis & Gunn has shipped 8,000 cases of their beer across the Atlantic to New York for the beginning of American distribution. With the current swing in the U.S. beer market to craft beers, and playing on Innis & Gunn’s popularity in neighboring Canada, and also in Switzerland, Innis & Gunn is confident that their Oak Aged Beers will be well received by the American people. So am I.

Thank you to Just-Drinks for releasing the details.

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