Brew Dog Unveils AB:02

Well known by now for their battle with Schorschbräu for strong beer domination, BrewDog is also up to more crafty and artisan activities. In April of 2010 BrewDog released the first beer in a new series of experimental and limited edition beers know as Abstrakt. These beers are to be brewed with absolutely no regard to style or genre definition, and they claim they will never be brewed again. They are also only producing 3200 small bottles of these near $20 beers.

AB:01 was a Vanilla Bean Infused Belgian Quad. AB:02, which will be release on Wednesday June the 16th only at the brewery is a Tripple Dry Hopped Imperial Red Ale at 16% abv. There is pretty much no other information about this beer available besides the picture of it shown here.

AB:01 sold out almost immediately and has received solid reviews on BeerAdvocate, and very positive ones on RateBeer. I expect B:02 won’t last long on the shelves either. So feel free to mail me a bottle BrewDog, and I will be more than happy to post my review here!

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  1. […] AB: 03, just went live this morning. AB:01 was a Vanilla bean infused Belgian Quadrupel at 10.2%, AB:02 was a Tripple Dry Hopped Imperial Red Ale at 18%, now AB:03 is an Imperial Ale Aged for more than 2 […]

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