Tasting the Blue Point RastafaRye Ale

Honestly, I am 50/50 with corny play-on-names beer labels. Its totally a personal thing, and in absolutely no way reflects how I actually feel about the beer which it represents. So when a friend of mine brought over a bottle of Blue Point’s RastafaRye Ale I was conflicted between excitement for an exciting rye beer, and mixed feelings over its obvious cartooned Rastafarian logo.

Really though, I am just being stupid. The label looks great; its fun, the name is entertaining, and really, isn’t that what it is all about? So this beer was a bit of a turning point for me – no longer would I judge a bottle by its label; I will look deep into the soul and heart of the beer before passing any sort of judgement on it. Yes, I have been saved.

When it really comes down to it, this was a new Rye Ale that I have not tried before, so I should have just shut up and been excited. But no matter, after some inner soul searching and self-reflection I have rid my old ways and become a better beer aficionado because of it. Thank you RastafaRye!

The RastafaRye came in a 650ml bottle at 7.5% abv with a totally colorful label – a great label… Anyways. The RastafaRye was created by Blue Point to honor Rastafari way of life, promoting true identity, heaven on earth, equality and love. It is brewed with malted rye and west coast hops.

I opened this Rye beer cool around 8C (45F) and poured it into a tall and slender gold rimmed tulip glass. It built a very dense and richly colored pale creamy head that stood firmly two and a bit inches above the beer’s surface. It had exceptional retention and really showed great strength and exceptional body (learning opportunity: two factors that can profoundly affect a beers head quality are fat and protein content. Fat diminishes and ruins head, protein build and develops it).

The beer itself was a gently transparent amber orange with golden browns and touches of red oak and golden yellow brimming in the light. It really was a perfect contrast, and minutes later the head was still a castle of foam on top this richly colored beer.

The nose was sweet and doughy with soft biscuit, rye malt, earth, fresh spice and hints of zesty hops. Overall it is not very strong, but the flavors here are quite distinct – the rye has obvious presence and has contributed a delightful aroma of mulled spices and bread. The hops show mild strength and very herbal, floral aromas. A very appealing and appetizing beer so far.

I opened up for a big taste and this RastafaRye did not disappoint. Superbly refreshing and ultimately delicious, this rye beer came in with smooth yet crisp malted rye sweetness and a soft wave of clean spice, hop zest, hints of citrus and juicy flavors. Soft but distinct bread and dough flows throughout your palate with a gentle soft bitterness, herbs and floral earth.

A hint of yeast shines though aiding the spices overall presence and the beer’s mouthfeel. It is soft and creamy with smooth carbonation create a very refined crispness that both quenches and sooths at the same time. A dry and slightly sweet finish matches the overall experience perfectly create an supremely appetizing beer. I have heard that it nears rediculous stature when served on cask.

I would be massively happy with this beer any day of the summer, or paired with anything than came off the grill. But also shellfish, lamb or pork would be great. Anything with a savory and soft sweetness will be complimented and cleanly eventuated by this softly sweet, and appetizingly crisp rye ale.


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