A New Unibroue! The BLONDE de Chambly

Many people probably define Unibroue by one of their most recognizable beers, the Blanche de Chambly. But now to match the Blanche, Unibroue will release a new bottled beer at the Mondial de la Biere today! The Blonde de Chambly.

Right now its existence and creation is clouded with mystery; Unibroue’s website has not yet been updated with information on it, and its only appearance so far has been for a privileged beer club in Quebec. There is a video explaining the Blonde’s story… But it’s in French. So if you speak French, check it out and please fill us in!

So far as I understand the Blonde de Chambly was created to honor the women who were sent to New France by the King to marry the soldiers. It will be a 5% lager with more presence that the existing U Blonde.


One Response to A New Unibroue! The BLONDE de Chambly

  1. […] But this was only the second day that Unibroue’s newest beer had been available – the Blonde de Chambly. After checking in, I made a b-line straight for Unibroue looking for this new […]

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