BarVolo’s 2nd Annual Cask IPA Challenge

Sunday, Sunday, SSSUUUNNNDDAAY!! Ontario Cask IPAs will go head to head against each other in a grueling battle of the hops until only one beer is left bubbling. Super-mega-extra-awesome seats are available for the first 100 people and kids get a freeeeee cowboy hat!

Ok, no super mega extra awesome seats or cowboy hats are available, but this Sunday May the 30th the first round of the Cask IPA Challenge will begin. It will start at noon ending at 8pm at BarVolo. Quarter pints will be $2, Half pints are $4, and Full pints $8.

22 Cask IPA’s will be featured from Ontario Breweries to compete for ultimate Cask IPA supremacy. All beers will be served blind to create a fair and unbiased contest. The day after Volo will release on their site which beers correspond to which entrants. See below for the complete competitors list. 

Division 1: Toronto

Duggan Number 9 IPA vs. Black Creek IPA (TBA)

Great Lakes Red Neck IPA vs. Chesire Valley English IPA vs. Granite IPA

Black Oak Hop Bomb IPA vs. Great Lakes My Bitter Wife IPA vs. Mill St. IPA

Amsterdam Bone Shaker IPA vs. Granite Hopping Mad IPA vs. TBA

Division 2: Ontario

Country Durham Hop Addict IPA vs. Muskoka Cottage Born Bitter IPA

Church Key West Coast IPA vs. Flying Monkey Smash Bomb IPA vs. Grand River Plowman’s Anniversary IPA

Publican House Square Nail IPA vs. Beau’s Beaver River IPA vs. Durham XXX IPA

F&M Stonehammer IPA vs. Trafalgar IPA (TBA) vs. Scotch Irish Sgt.Major IPA


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