Innis & Gunn is, ummm.. Amazing!? Didn’t We Already Know That?

If you are fully immersed in the world of delicious beer then you already know how impeccable the Innis & Gunn truly is. If you are new to this world of real beer, or maybe don’t yet know what it is all about, go find an Innis & Gunn and you will soon be among the privileged ones.

I’ve boasted about the IPA, the Rum Cask and the Original Innis & Gunns already. But now you don’t have to take my word for it; just observe the list of recent awards that the Innis & Gunn has been raking up.

Pre-eminently, on April the 21st, Innis and Gunn was just awarded the Queens Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2010, making it the first Scottish beer company in 22 years to be handed this prestigious honor. This is among the highest official UK award given to British Bisinesses and other organizations.To be awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the category of International Trade, a company must show a substantial and sustained increase in export earnings over three consecutive 12-month periods, to a level which is outstanding for the products and services concerned, and for the size of the organization.

Innis & Gunn is now Scotland’s leading independent beer company and the best selling British specialty beer in the UK. Dougal Sharp, managing director of Innis & Gunn, said: “There is no greater acknowledgement of the hard work that has gone in to shaping this business than winning a Queen’s Award.  The judging process is extremely rigorous and the judging panel comprises such prominent business leaders and Government advisors.  That they saw our business as an example of excellence in international trade is a huge accolade for such a young company.”

This award come in only two weeks after Innis and Gunn collected two Gold Medals for the Original and Rum Cask at the 2010 Monde Selection Quality Awards in Brussels.

Innis & Gunn also achieved a record haul at the 2010 Scotland Food & Drink Excellence Awards. Innis took home four awards including the prestigious Business of the Year award, International Business of the Year, Drink – Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic category and Product Innovation category for their Oak Aged Beers.

And then, not to brag on their behalf, the 2009 Canadian Cask won The World’s Best Rye Ale at the World Beer Awards, and the Innis & Gunn Original was awarded three stars at the Superior Taste awards – the highest award possible.

Ummm… Have you had the Innis & Gunn yet?

**Bottles from left to right: 2007 Limited Edition IPA, Original with original label, Rum Cask, IPA, Original, Triple Matured, Canadian Cask, Blond, 2006 Limited Edition

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