The Battle for Strong Beer Domination

In 2009 BrewDog, a brewery in Scotland, and Schorschbräu from Germany began a battle for the worlds strongest beer. Schorschbräu had the record to begin with an unnamed beer at 31% abv, but BrewDog introduced the Tactical Nuclear Penguin at 32% to trump it. Months later Schorschbräu again came back with a stronger beer, but stated that they were not competing against BrewDog; and this beer had been planned for quite some time.

BrewDog however was competing, and brought out Sink the Bismarck at 41%, and for some time it had remained the undisputed champion of the world. Until now. Schorschbräu is back with another unnamed beer, but this time at 43.34% abv. They will be produced in limited numbers and each will be hang signed by the master brewer. They can only be purchased directly from the brewery, and none are destined to make it to North America.

I have never tried any of these beers, but would be very interested to, regardless of the relatively poor reviews that they receive. Its not to say that all strong beer is going to be bad, in fact I have had the Sam Adams Utopias at 27%, and it was actually phenomenal. The difference here is that Sam Adams crafted this beer for the right purpose; create a significantly rich beer with delicious flavor and proper balance. BrewDog and Schorschbräu seem to be playing a very different game here.

I’m all up for some healthy competition, and these two breweries have not lost focus on their primary business of brewing delicious and accessible beers, but this is getting ridiculous. Soon enough we are going to have a 50% beer out there, which really makes no sense. Your thoughts?

Thanks to for releasing the details.


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