Sunny Sunday Afternoon; Grillin and Beer, What Could Be Better…

Finally a beautiful weekend in Toronto! Sunday was 20C and sunny, so my roommate and I had to do some grilling. Beer and barbecue seems like such a natural combination, and they are. But so many people miss out on the perfect combinations by substituting real beer for light fizzy pale yellow commodity grade beers. The main thing than a grill offers food is caramelization; the charred marks on your steak, sausage, hamburger and vegetables. This caramelization is sweet and savory, and can be perfectly matched by the caramel and male malt flavors in real beer!

Commodity Grade Beer just can’t offer you more than a cold carbonated watery drink – but a rich a flavorful, still crisp and quenching Liberty Ale can offer you so much more. We decided to do hot dogs, sausages and Greek salad for dinner and Anchor’s Liberty Ale was perfect. A golden amber American Pale Ale with BBQ is typically a match made in heaven, and this was no exception. The Sweet and savory charred and grilled flavors of the meat were quenched and soothed by the crisp and hoppy snap of the Liberty Ale. Touches of caramel and malt sweetness in the beer paired with the condiments and the grilled char marks of the sausage and hot dogs while a bitter hop finish helped to clean each bite and excite you for the next.

Even the salad worked well; salty earthy feta and the fresh crisp flavors of green peppers, cucumber, onions and tomato holds its ground against the Liberty Ale, which came in to cut the richness of the cheese, and aid the fresh crisp flavors of the vegetables.

Well done Liberty Ale, you have proven once again why you have a reserved seat in my fridge at all times.


One Response to Sunny Sunday Afternoon; Grillin and Beer, What Could Be Better…

  1. Daniel says:

    That photo — and the article as a whole — are making me very hungry. You’re making me wish that the grill I ordered this weekend was here now, and not in two weeks.

    It’s so tough to pin down one beer or even one style when it comes to pairing with grilled foods. I just picked up a mixed sampler of Great Lakes beers, and I think any one of those would be a good cookout beer. I try not to fall in the trap of thinking a beer for such occassions has to be lighter and lower ABV, but I guess few people enjoy tossing back imperial stouts with burgers.

    Or do they?

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