Dogfish Head Brewed… I Mean, Makes Maple Syrup Now

I love almost everything Dogfish Head brews. Wait, I have to rephrase that; I love everything Dogfish Head brews, but now they are producing something in bottles that doesn’t require brewing – Maple Syrup! Really guys? Syrup? Well yes, it makes perfect sense for the one of a kind U.S. craft brewer. In fact, since 1995 their Immort Ale has been brewed with maple syrup from Sam Calagione’s (Dogfish founder and president) family farm. Psssst… Go get the Immort Ale…

Now Dogfish Head is selling the Syrup itself! And there are two examples: The Immort Maple Syrup, simmered with organic juniper berries and Madagascar vanilla beans; and the Wit Maple Syrup, simmered with organic orange peel and coriander.

Thanks Dogfish for continuing to innovate and produce exciting products! But most of all, thanks for the 90 Minute IPA!


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