Saying it Right the Fourth Time

How do you say it? Shee-MayDoo-vle? Ya, I know, all the Belgian breweries and beers can be difficult to pronounce. Actually, the pronunciation is not really that hard, it is knowing how to say it that we just don’t get. Western beer culture is much younger than that of Belgium’s, and we often take for granted the amazing beers that they produce by not properly pronouncing their names.

Chimay is not Shi-may, but properly should be Shee-may. Likewise, Duvel should be Doo-vle, rather than Du-vel. Probably the most common mispronunciation though is Hoegaarden, which people say exactly as it is spelled; Hoe-garden. Remember though, this is not a North American beer, it is Belgian and should be correctly pronounced as Hoo-gaarrden.

There are too many to list, I know. Luckily though, a great resource for everything Belgian Beer, has a pronunciation guide with spoken examples in English, Flemish and French. Awesome!


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