Art Auctions, Wine Auctions, and Yes.. Beer Auctions!

They actually happen all the time, especially now that the craft beer community has such a strong presence online. Websites like Liquid Solutions, which is now back online after a year away, holds beer auctions for individual bottles as well as packs of rare and obscure beers from local breweries and long lost ones.

This bottle shown here is a 1994 bottle of Dave, by Hair of the Dog Brewery. Hair of the Dog has been producing beer since 1993 in Portland Oregon, and currently this 29% Barleywine is listed at $450. Thats no slouch!

This is among the highest rated beers right now on Beer Advocate and Liquid Solutions suggests that it may be the last bottle in existence. Regardless of how good this beer may or may not be, and weather or not it is worth $450, it just proves how far beer culture has come since the dark times in the 1960’s. Craft breweries all across the world are producing beers which excite so much passion in people that they are willing to fork over a lot of money for these bottles.

I hope that this tred continues and more and more people begin to see the real value in good beer, as many of us have, and more and more do every day!


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