Any Good Reason For a Beer

Sometimes you have a reason, and sometimes you make up the most nonsensical and ridiculous reason to do something, but if it works it works. And when it comes to beer, it is always a good reason. And really we all know that there are so many good reasons out there for a beer. The end of the day, an old friend, a thirst quencher, a passing grade, the promotion, a new baby, a simple reward, a hot day, a cold day, or even boredom.

The point is that it doesn’t really matter why we go for that beer,  sometimes it just happens to be what we need, or is just what we want. And want can be a tough emotion these days to fulfill, so being able to rely on a great beer to satisfy that want each an every time is a valuable tool.

Cherishing good beer show you a new found level of fulfillment in that after-work pint, it showed me.


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