Cask List for Toronto’s Cask Ale Crawl

Cask! Toronto just release the list of beers appearing this weekend a various locations for the Cask Ale Crawl!

Beau’s Screaming Beaver, Black Oak Hop Bomb, Black Oak 10 Bitter Years, C’est What Al’s Cask, Cheshire Valley Mild, County Durham Hop Head, County Durham Tommy Knocker ESB, County Durham Triple X IPA, Grand River Mill Race Mild, Grand River Plowman’s Ale, GraniteIPA, Granite Best Bitter Special, Granite Hopping Mad, Great Lakes Pompous Ass, Great Lakes Miami Weisse, Great Lakes Lackey’s Cask, GreatLakes My Bitterer Wife, Mill St. IPA (dry hopped), Mill St. TAnKenStEin (massively dry hopped Tankhouse), Neustadt L’Ale, Scotch Irish Sgt. Major IPA, Wellington Russian Imperial Stout

Below is the list of Casks at all the pubs:

Granite Brewery: Granite IPA, Granite Best Bitter Special, Granite Hopping Mad

barVolo: Friday: Great Lakes Pompous Ass, Miami Weisse, Lackey’s Cask, My Bitterer Wife

Saturday: Grand River Mill Race Mild, Beau’s Screaming Beaver, Black Oak 10 Bitter Years, Wellington Russian Imperial Stout

The Rhino: Chesire Valley Mild, Black Oak Hop Bomb, Grand River Plowman’s Ale, Durham Triple X IPA, Great Lakes Pompous Ass, Great Lakes My Bitterer Wife, Beau’s Screaming Beaver, Sgt. Major IPA

C’est What: C’est What Al’s Cask, Durham Hop Head, Granite Hopping Mad, Sgt. Major IPA, Wellington Russian Imperial Stout, Black Oak 10 Bitter Years (Friday) Neustadt L’Ale (Saturday)

Mill St. Brewpub: Mill Street IPA (dry hopped), Mill Street TanKenStEin (massively dry hopped Tankhouse)

Ceili Cottage: Durham Tommy Knockers ESB, Durham Triple X IPA


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