Buffalo Mission: Premier Gourmet

When I need to grab some beer I can just walk across the street from my condo and enjoy the good graces of the Queens Quay LCBO. But sometimes the LCBO’s list just isn’t rich enough for me. These days they do have an excellent beer selection which is improving each season – but it is still the same Maudite, Chimay, Neustadt, Mill Street and Fuller’s that I am all to used to. I do love this beers, but the LCBO does not represent Amarican Craft beer very well, and still has barely touched some of the amazing beers to come from Belgium and across Europe.

For a sickness like this there is only one cure; more cowbell.. haha joking. The cure is an easy drive on the QEW down to Buffalo and Premier Gourmet – a Zellers sized liquor store with close to 1,000 different beers in stock!

It is difficult for me every time I go, because I want to buy about 1,000 bottles, but I must restrain myself… somewhat… This was a rather large mission because my roommate was also buying beer, and I was buying beer for two other people and a beer tasting event. Here are some of the highlights. Be sure that tasting notes and reviews of most of these will come in the near future.


3 Responses to Buffalo Mission: Premier Gourmet

  1. […] this beer. But to my dismay, the LCBO had no interest in brining it in, and my recent missions to Premier Gourmet still left me empty handed (at least considering this […]

  2. […] Another, maybe less common scenario is a big beer shopping mission. You come home with 3o, 40 or even 50 different beers, and because each of them are special and unique in their own right, you will not simply be chugging them back. In this case, you have now destined certain beers for the near future, and other further down the road. Slowly but surely making your way through those beer can be exceptionally satisfying, but every time you dig into that collection you are reminded of the pleasures to come – and thus building on the anticipation factor. This one gets me every time I go to Buffalo for a beer mission. […]

  3. […] picked this bottle up with  many others during my most recent beer mission to Buffalo, and this proved to be a very very worthy […]

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