Its Friday! It’s Beer Time!

It is supposed to me miserable and rainy all weekend in Toronto, but today it is going to be 23C and sunny! What better way to finish the week than with some great beers!

So get off work early, find your nearest well stocked LCBO, and listen up. Friday’s are built for relaxing, and a great beer, or five. And it is just what the beginning of the weekend calls for. I’m not talking about a 6-pack of MDG or Stella, I mean real flavor year. Lets kick this weekend off with a good start and some real energy.

Here is my “Summer is close enough that I am going to call it summer” Friday afternoon beer tasting!

Step one: The Brooklyn Lager; make sure this guy is cold, and once you get home crack ‘er open and drain into your best pint glass or tulip even. The Brooklyn Lager is a Vienna Style Lager at its best, and perfect to quench your thirst after a long hard week at work. It is crisp and refreshing offering light biscuit malts and smooth and light hop bitternes. It is easy to drink, very sociable, and crisp all the way down. Without a question the Brooklyn Lager is totally refreshing, ultimately satisfying and a perfect way to start the weekend. It is 5% abv, so you will be ready for another beer easily when you are done with this summertime prize.

Step two: While you are preparing dinner, go for the McAuslan St. Ambroise Apricot Wheat Ale: This is a wheat beer brewed with apricots, as such is has superior quenching characteristics and offers a sweet fruity mouthfeel which is absolutely delicious. Wheat beers by definition offer a light and effervescent body perfect to cool you down and relax your soul. This one has a deliciously mellow sweet natural apricot taste to it complimented by natural vanilla from the wheat. The Apricot Wheat is always great, but this beer was truly made for the summer. Again, enjoy it cold and in a nice tall glass.

Step three: With dinner, almost regardless of what it is, grab an Innis & Gunn Original. For the ideal serving temperature pull one out of the fridge about five minutes before you are ready to eat, just to let the Innis relax. Its soft caramel and butterscotch flavors will woo your palate into a delightful world of beautiful flavor. It has been aged in oak bourbon casks too, so with a touch of hops you will enjoy a unique and refreshing beer which can easily become a staple in your fridge. It also comes in 750ml bottles so if you have some people by it is an easy crowd pleaser. It is 6.6% abv and will stand up with almost any food you pair it with!

Step four: I hope dinner was delicious, and with that Innis & Gunn, I don’t know how it could be anything but. Now we need something appetizing and lightly complex to sooth the palate, relax our stomach, and really entertain the brain. The Chimay White is a Belgian Trappist Tripel offering up spicy notes, huge aromatic properties, a unique drinking experience, and 8% abv to get the party started. Its perfect after a meal and will scrub your mouth clean and ready you for the evening. It has a floral hop aroma and lightly funky yeast  flavors that create a very satisfying and scrumptious beer. Pour it gently leaving about one centimeter in the bottle; that is the yeast, which will offer a very earthy funk – so enjoy at your own discretion.

Step five: By now you are sufficiently relaxed, satisfied with food, and just gearing up for the night ahead.It’s time for something a bit richer and a bit meatier. The Unibroue Maudite is another staple in my fridge, and comes in a wicked 650ml corked bottle. This beer is bottle conditioned and feels almost like champagne on your mouth. It is filled with rich fruity malts, orange and brown sugar sweetness, and rich deep dark dried fruits. Spices like coriander, clove and cardamom lift your tongue into a wave of delicious flavor, and a touch of hops and pepper make sure you are always perfectly refreshed.  Polish off one of these with a friend and the night is yours!

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