The Top 50 Restaurants in the World

The S. Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants list was born in 2002 as a feature originally aimed at youthful chefs and restaurateurs in the UK. Since then, enough world interest has created a now industry and expert renowned list judged very vigorously by over 800 panelists world wide. The academy does also publish 51 through 100, and this is where the only two Canadian finalist rest.

The list was just posted today, and at No. 60, Rouge in Calgary Alberta. And at No. 77, Langdon Hall in Cambridge Ontario. I am delighted that Canada did make it into the top 100, but dissapointed that neither feature a beer list, or beer at all on their menu that I can find. Both restaurants are surrounded by Craft Breweries, and I am afraid when you ask your server what beers they offer, you will here the typical “Bud Light, Coor’s Light, Richard’s White, Sleemans, etc”.

It is a bit frustrating, but that is the battle that we are fighting, and the world is getting better slowly. It still looks like we will have to step up our game to bring Craft Beer into the limelight.


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