Liquor Is Not Spared

Freshness is a big deal when it comes to beer, spirits, and food. But freshness is also an interesting concept. We often age beers for months and years to allow them to mature and age creating better beer – and although the bottle is still sealed, is that considered fresh? Maybe it is, maybe not, it doesn’t really matter – if it improves the drink, that’s what important.

But Spirits are a different story; they are aged before bottled, and then seemingly you can open a nice whisky or rum, and let it rest in your bar until you have finished enjoying it. Right? Maybe not. Stephen Beaumont, a Toronto based Beer and Spirits authority, just posted his experiences trying a freshly opened bottle of Rogue’s Spruce Gin, compared to one which was opened originally 18 months ago.

Go check it out because his findings are interesting, and rest assured you can trust Stephen’s attuned palate.


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