Dogfish Head, Stone and Victory show us again how its done

The Americans continue to prove to the world that they are in fact the most innovative and exciting brewers the world has ever seen. Most recently, as reported by, Dogfish Head from Delware, Stone Brewing from California, and Victory Brewing from Pennsylvania have come together to create a collaboration beer called Saison du BUFF – an ale brewed with parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.

Excuse me? Did I read that correctly? Yes, its true, these three breweries are creating a Saison with a huge allotment of savory herb flavors, and I think it’s just awesome! The beer is going to be brewed at the Stone Brewery for an April release, at Victory for July, and at Dogfish Head for August.

This is the type of creativity and pure passion that I love about the American brewers; they are taking brewing to a whole new level by ignoring the commonplace limitations set on beer ingredients and are brewing with limitless creativity. They are taking an approach to beer as would a chef to his/her menu. Why stop at barley, hops and yeast? Especially these days when we have access to a massive array of flavors and ingredients from all around the world!

Well done guys, I will be pumped to find myself a bottle! And be sure, I’ll be searching!


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