“Calculated Spontaneity; Preparation of a Dinner with Beer” Part 2: Bell’s Special Double Cream Stout

Part 1

On a slightly separate note, while typing this I am enjoying the Bell’s Special Double Cream Stout. So…. I may as well talk about it. I bought a single 355ml bottle of it while in Ohio last weekend. I’ve always loved what Bell’s Brewery can do, and I’ve yet to enjoy this example – till now! Out of the fridge, I let it sit to warm for about 20 minutes. It pours smooth and creamy, close to oil-like forming a soft, short off-white head that resembles the color of the label itself. The nose is filled with roast, dry espresso, and lactose. At 6.1% I’m expecting something medium rich, roasty, with light espresso and cocoa and a tiny bitter finish. The beer exemplifies all of that except the medium part. The depth of this stout is far greater than I was anticipating. It’s full, rich, complete, and very very satisfying. The roast flavor is the most apparent and the bitter clean finish is ultimately enjoyable. As it warms, more lactose has made its case, and the bitter leans towards caramelization and chocolate. Overall, I will definitely buy another bottle or two of this stout with my next U.S. mission (which has absolutely nothing to do with me accidentally breaking this bottle as I cleaned it).

Saturday: November 29, 2009

Cooking day; this is a great day, definitely my favorite, and not just because it is the only day that involves actual consumption. By now my excitement has been growing since at least the day before when the prep began. But more likely I have been planning this day for a week or even a month. In this case, it has been close to a month – and this man is ready to cook! Step one; groceries. An early day trip to Loblaw’s and the Queens Quay LCBO will well me get through the day.

This grocery and beer mission proved to be a workout itself. I finished my shopping at Loblaw’s and filled two fabric grocery bags, each weighing close to 40 pounds. On top of that my backpack had the delicates like eggs, milk and cheeses in it. This was OK, it’s a heavy walk home but I’ve done this before; however the LCBO mission would prove to be the straw that broke the camel’s back – which was my back, although I’m not a camel. As I walked out of the LCBO I had the two 40 pound grocery bags, a carefully stuffed backpack with beer, eggs, milk and cheese, and also a box filled with beers for the upcoming meal. I was clearly out of options, and hands. So, little to my roommate’s surprise, I walked in the door of my apartment pushing all of my goodies in an LCBO shopping cart. Sometimes you just gatta do what you gatta do!

… Part 3


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