Stone and Brew Dog Collaboration brings the world a Golden Imperial Stout

When it comes to creativity and pushing the limits, few breweries are as well regarded as Stone Brewing in California, and Brew Dog in Scotland. The two breweries have formed a friendship to produce a collaborative beer called Luciferin; a Golden Imperial Stout. As described on their video blog about the Lucerferin, the nose of this Imperial Stout commands coffee, cocoa, roasted and smoky flavors. Yet miraculously the beers is pale golden – it has been brewed only with pale malts. The addition of cocoa nibs, oatmeal, and coffee beans were used in excess to give this beer an Imperial Stout taste and feel. At 11.8% abv, I bet that hey have accomplished exactly that.

Beyond that, the beer was aged in selected Lagavulin Whisky casks for six months bringing more big rich oak and stout flavors to the party. This is exactly why I like these guys; cause they are breaking down all boundaries and brewing with heart and passion. Thanks guys!

……. And of course… Thanks for your sense of humor guys.. This beer is NOT being produced.. But was intended as an April fools joke. So well done guys, but now, go make it!


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