1001 is a lot of beers, how I love a good challenge!

1001 Beers You Must Try Before You DieThere is a new heavyweight in the beer book world, the 960 page “1001 Beers you Must Try Before You Die” was released in book stores yesterday, March the 23rd. This is another “1001” book in the series produced by the publisher Universe, who also helped created 1001 Books, 1001 Foods, 1001 Paintings, 1001 Wines, and others.

This book does feature 1001 beers described to you by a collection of 42 different contributing beer journalists and professionals. I am really quite impressed with the quality of the book, and the quality of the beers depicted in it. The vast majority of the beers have their own page, and a flawless picture of the beer bottle and the beer served in its own glass. Not to mention a description of the beer and brief tasting notes.

Its a big one, and will probably take me some time to get through, but its a mission I am quite excited for, and will probably make me very thirsty along the way!


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