Tasting McAuslan’s St. Ambroise Apricot Wheat Beer

St. Ambroise Apricote Wheat BeerMcAuslan has been brewing since 1989 in Montreal’s St-Henri district. Then, the brewery produced just one beer, their Pale Ale. Now McAuslan produces ten different beers, including a Vintage Ale which I look forward to every year. Although I do look forward to the winter release of the Vintage Ale, almost every time I think about a quenching and delicious beer I look for the St. Ambroise Apricot Wheat Beer.

In June 1997, McAuslan began brewing season beers: Apricot Wheat for the spring; Raspberry Ale for the summer; and the Spiced Pumpkin Ale for the fall. The Raspberry and Pumpkin beers are still available only seasonally, however because of the success of the Apricot Wheat it is now available year round. Thank you McAuslan!

On a hot summers day, by the pool, on the beach, at the game, or virtually anywhere I can hardly think of a beer better suited to quench my thirst than the St. Ambroise Apricot Wheat Beer. The aroma is so distinct, the flavor so delicious, and naturally as a wheat beer the crisp and effervescent mouth feel is second to none! It is typically available in 6-packs at 5.0% abv, in 341ml bottles at the LCBO. The orange and green label depicts three fresh apricots on a tree; and that is exactly what you should expect.

It’s an all grain brew with natural apricot essence to bring out a lively flavor and aroma. This is actually one of the first beers I look to when trying to convince naysayers that real beer is delicious. Most people can’t comprehend the idea of an apricot beer, but once this beer is poured it is instantly apparent that this is no ordinary beer.

The color is transparent golden orange close to amber, and pours with much life spouting to the surface of the beer forming a short head which quickly fades to nothing. Once you lean in for a smell, it’s over. It’s filled with apricots – I mean filled with them. The nose is all ripe apricot flesh and a light tartness of apricot peal; that’s about it. It does smell crisp and sweet with slight floral malt, but you shouldn’t expect too much in the way of complexity. This beer isn’t here to intrigue you, it’s here to quench your thirst, and quench it exceptionally well!

It’s 28 degrees Celcius and sunny out, you’re on a patio in front of a BBQ flipping steaks and hamburgers, and you need something to break the heat that has filled your palate and throat. You reach for the Apricot Wheat Beer and instantly you are compelled to a world of fresh, crisp, refreshing fruit and beer. Nothing does it like the Apricot Wheat Beer. Right away as it hits your tongue you get the sweet fruity apricot flesh which will engulf your mouth. It’s crisp, sweet and light everywhere, but not sugar sweet or artificial. The apricot flavor is very true and lively and not masked by malt or hops, which are there, but they play a secondary role to the apricot.

The beer finishes incredibly clean with more light sweetness and a hint of floral hops. It finishes so refreshing and cleansing, totally preparing your palate for that juicy burger. The St. Ambroise Apricot Wheat Beer is amazing beer year round, and second to none in the summer. This beer is a Game Changer!

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