Beer and food, beer and… Cupcakes?

Iron CupcakeThis Sunday, March 14th, For the Love of Cake bakery is hosting Toronto’s Iron Cupcake Challenge. It is a St. Patty’s day themed cupcake bake off, Iron Chef Styles. And the secret ingredient?…. BEER! Last Sunday I made 8 dozen cupcakes with 8 different beers; some very good, others not so much. Among the most interesting was the Chimay White in a vanilla cupcake – the Belgian Tripple gave the cupcake a very light and fluffy texture and added spice and richness to the vanilla. Among the worst was one of my favorite beers, the Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Marzen. This should be no surprise, but smoked beers, especially ones as potent as the Schlenkerla, do NOT make very good cupcakes!

All of the experimentation was worth it though; this Sunday I will unveil my beer cupcakes made with three amazing beers. Come by Sunday between 1pm and 3pm to find out more and taste some delicious beer cupcakes!


One Response to Beer and food, beer and… Cupcakes?

  1. […] the Beer Bistro, has so many amazing creations which are baked with beer. Thus, inspired by an Iron Chef style cupcake bake-off where the secret ingredient was beer, I went to testing how various beers would treat a […]

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