2010 LCBO Spring Beer Release

LCBO Spring ReleaseIt is officially here! The 2010 LCBO Spring Beer release is finally all across Ontario! The Bar Towel originally gave away what we could expect back in January, and I have been on the edge of my bar stool since. Thanks to The Bar Towel for always keeping up to date! The only beer that doesn’t seem to be available yet is the Schneider-Weisse Organic Wiesen Edel-Weisse, which is really disappointing because I have had this before in the States and it is amazing.

Keep your eyes peeled for reviews in the coming weeks; I am most excited for the Christoffel Dry-Hopped Nobel, Gouden Carolus Ambrio, and the Grand River Brewing Russian Gun Imperial Stout!

67173 / Trafalgar Oak Aged Rye / $4.25 / 650ml (BA) (RB)
106237 / Höss Doppel Hirsch Doppel Bock / $3.95 / 500ml (BA) (RB)
157552 / Christoffel Dry-Hopped Nobel / $3.30 / 330ml (BA) (RB)
157560 / Hog’s Back Traditional English Ale (TEA) / $3.95 / 500ml (BA) (RB)
157651 / Schneider’s Organic Wiesen Edel-Weisse / $2.95 / 500ml (BA) (RB)
157834 / Gouden Carolus Ambrio / $3.10 / 330ml (BA) (RB)
468660 / St. Louis Gueuze Lambic / $4.85 / 375ml (BA) (RB)
615633 / Great Lakes Orange Peel Ale / $4.95 / 650ml (BA) (RB)
909770 / Rogue Brutal Bitter / $6.95 / 650ml (BA) (RB)
175356/ Railway City Brewing Dead Elephant / $3.50 / 500ml (BA) (RB)
174532 / Grand River Brewing Russian Gun Imperial Stout / $4.50 / 500ml (BA) (RB)


5 Responses to 2010 LCBO Spring Beer Release

  1. […] Der HirschBrau Doppel-Hirsch (Tasting a German Doppel Bock) The 2010 LCBO spring release had some exceptional beers in it; some old friends, and some new ones also. Because […]

  2. […] was originally listed on the Spring Beer Release for the LCBO, but somehow never showed up. In any case, it is here now! Spread across […]

  3. […] name Gouden Carolus. Their latest beer to grace Ontario was the Ambrio, which came here for the Spring Release and was really spectacular. Then when I think about the Classic, and the Hopsinjoor I get […]

  4. […] the Schneider Weisse Edel Weisse The LCBO Spring Beer Release came out in full swing several months ago but was lacking one listed product, the Schneider Weisse […]

  5. […] Quick Tastes of the Schneider Weisse Edel Weisse When it comes to wheat beers, Schneider Weisse is most definitely the name that comes to mind for me. They make a wide range of Weisse beers, all with their own unique and distinct qualities.  This, their Edel Weisse, is an organic wheat beer which just happens to suit the summer oh so perfectly. It is 6.2% abv and comes in a 500 ml bottle that was made available at the LCBO for the spring release. […]

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